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Very Good Ideas

In the Utopian Future, We Will Buy Each Other Books Instead Of Drinks

You can’t write your number in a drink, now can you?

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Be Better

Getting Older Makes You a Better Person Without Even Trying, Says Science

This is the best news.

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Hey Guys, Your Fancy Sports Cars Might Be Ruining Your Dating Life

A new survey says the majority of ladies “associate fancy cars with negative character traits.”

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Um, Dating Sounded Way Easier in the 1930s

Oh, is that how it works?

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Being Single

You’re Never Alone When You’re Dining with a Giant Stuffed Animal

At Japan’s Moomin Café, they’ve figured out a solution to the solo diner’s dilemma.

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Getting Over It

13 TV Episodes to Watch if You Are Going Through a Break-Up

Let your old friend TV be there for you.

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If Coffee Makes You More Honest, Then Should All Dates Be Coffee Dates?

Fatigue makes liars of us all.

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First Date Tips

Making a Good Impression on a First Date is Incredibly Easy, Says Encouraging New Study

All you have to do is smile a lot and not stink significantly.

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A Look Inside the Twee World of the Hipster Wedding Expo

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The Hilarious Bad Tinder Date Video is Officially Going to Be a Full Web Series

More bad dates where that came from.

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The Princeton Mom

‘Princeton Mom’ Susan Patton Gets Schooled by the Facts At Her Alma Mater

As the panel went on, Patton was forced to confront something that seemed entirely new to her: facts.

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Is This Weird?

Watch This Guy Try to Pick Up Random Guys, Remind Us Asking Out Strangers is Still Terrifying

“Are you crazy?” is generally not the response you want when you’re trying to get a cute stranger’s phone number.

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So There

Fake Smiling Can Make You Feel Worse than No Smiling at All

Don’t fake it till you make it.

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What He Really Thinks About Your Online Dating Profile

Let’s hear it from the boys.

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Now You Can Name Your Trendy Cocktail Bar Quickly and Easily

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the opening of Wattle & Shoe.

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Modern Love

I Love You, I Just Don’t Want to Share My Facebook Location With You

Facebook’s new “Nearby Friends” feature takes intimacy far beyond a shared Netflix password.

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The 16 Stages Of Living Alone For The First Time

When you live alone, every day is a filthy gift and the only person there to unwrap it is you.

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Online Dating

What a Tinder Spammer Can Teach Us All About Love (and Marketing)

Confidence pays. Too much self-deprecation doesn’t.

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19 Times You Become a Totally Different Person When You’re in a New Relationship

When you start things up with someone new, you start to shed your Secret Single Behaviors for NRBs, or New Relationship Behaviors.

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A Definitive List of Abbrevs That Are Sexy and Abbrevs That Are Gross

U won’t C me l8r, but you cld srsly get it rn.

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