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Facebook Stalking, Love-Related Hashtags, and More Great Stories from Around the Internet

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GIF Dictionary

100 Amazing GIFs That Say ‘I Love You’

Because “I love you” is always better in GIFs.

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This Website Will Tell You if You’re Crushing on a Sex Offender

Crushing isn’t criminal, but your date might be.

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11 Must-Read Short Stories That Will Change the Way You Think About Love

These stories are very upworthy, or, as we used to say, “great.”

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Try Not to Cry While Watching Humans of New York’s Heartwrenching First Video

“It was a meeting of the souls.”

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No Thank You

Attending a Wedding? That’ll Be $600

You thought the gift was included? The gift is not included.

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You May Not Know What the ‘Benjamin Franklin Effect’ Is, But It Can Make Your Fledgling Relationship Stronger

Letting your partner do something nice for you might be the most romantic gesture of all.

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You Might Be Surprised by the Scientific Reason Women Love Rockstars

(The secret is hormones.)

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The 5 Facebook Friends You’re Most Likely to Unfriend According to Science

All your Facebook friends are awful, but science says some are more awful than others.

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200 New York Bars Worth Drinking At, Visualized in One Map

Consider your next 200 dates planned.

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Quit It Already

Sorry, but I’m Not Going to Feel Sorry about Meeting Dates on Tinder

No flames about my matches, please.

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Food for Thought

Ditching My Car Vastly Improved My Dating Life

Get out of my dreams, and onto this sidewalk, where we can walk together.

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Very Good Ideas

In the Utopian Future, We Will Buy Each Other Books Instead Of Drinks

You can’t write your number in a drink, now can you?

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Be Better

Getting Older Makes You a Better Person Without Even Trying, Says Science

This is the best news.

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Hey Guys, Your Fancy Sports Cars Might Be Ruining Your Dating Life

A new survey says the majority of ladies “associate fancy cars with negative character traits.”

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Um, Dating Sounded Way Easier in the 1930s

Oh, is that how it works?

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Being Single

You’re Never Alone When You’re Dining with a Giant Stuffed Animal

At Japan’s Moomin Café, they’ve figured out a solution to the solo diner’s dilemma.

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Getting Over It

13 TV Episodes to Watch if You Are Going Through a Break-Up

Let your old friend TV be there for you.

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If Coffee Makes You More Honest, Then Should All Dates Be Coffee Dates?

Fatigue makes liars of us all.

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First Date Tips

Making a Good Impression on a First Date is Incredibly Easy, Says Encouraging New Study

All you have to do is smile a lot and not stink significantly.

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