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Is This Weird?

Watch This Guy Try to Pick Up Random Guys, Remind Us Asking Out Strangers is Still Terrifying

“Are you crazy?” is generally not the response you want when you’re trying to get a cute stranger’s phone number.

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So There

Fake Smiling Can Make You Feel Worse than No Smiling at All

Don’t fake it till you make it.

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What He Really Thinks About Your Online Dating Profile

Let’s hear it from the boys.

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Now You Can Name Your Trendy Cocktail Bar Quickly and Easily

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to the opening of Wattle & Shoe.

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Modern Love

I Love You, I Just Don’t Want to Share My Facebook Location With You

Facebook’s new “Nearby Friends” feature takes intimacy far beyond a shared Netflix password.

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The 16 Stages Of Living Alone For The First Time

When you live alone, every day is a filthy gift and the only person there to unwrap it is you.

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Online Dating

What a Tinder Spammer Can Teach Us All About Love (and Marketing)

Confidence pays. Too much self-deprecation doesn’t.

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19 Times You Become a Totally Different Person When You’re in a New Relationship

When you start things up with someone new, you start to shed your Secret Single Behaviors for NRBs, or New Relationship Behaviors.

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A Definitive List of Abbrevs That Are Sexy and Abbrevs That Are Gross

U won’t C me l8r, but you cld srsly get it rn.

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People on the Anonymous Secret App are Meeting IRL, for Some Reason

This is a terrible idea.

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Magic Kingdoms

The Happiest Place on Earth Gets Adult-Friendly with New After-Hours Lounge

Drink, snack, and consider how nice it is not to be waiting in line right now.

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Reality TV

The Trailer for the Amazingly Devious Fake Prince Harry Dating Show Is Finally Here

Now you can watch women try to marry a man who is not Prince Harry.

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Online Dating

So Are You Supposed to Have Dogs in Your Dating Profile Picture or Not?

A new study says the best profile pics feature stolen puppies.

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You’re More Likely to Get Dumped if Your Partner Adds a Bunch of Facebook Friends While You’re Dating

But not for the reason you think.

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Brogamats Are Yoga Mats for Bros, and They Are Kind of Amazing

Why aren’t all yoga bags made to look like burritos?

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Being Single
legs, bike, light

I Used to Pretend to Be a ‘Carefree Single Girl,’ But Then Life Got in the Way

For the first time in my adult life, I could just be a grown woman with real problems. It was kind of a relief.

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Novelty Beards Are the Sexiest Beards, Says New Scientific Beard Research

But then, any dude in Williamsburg could have told you that.

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What the Complicated Love Lives of Thailand’s Ladyboys Tell Us About Gender

In Thailand, two men falling in love aren’t really gay.

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People Really Don’t Like When You Smoke in Your Tinder Photos

Smoking will decrease your lifespan, and also the number of Tinder users who find you hot.

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Yes Please

Stop People From Ruining Your Favorite TV Shows With This Chrome Extension

No more spoilers.

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