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Caroline Jarvis

What To Get: The Sophisticated Man Who Has Everything

Trouble is, men who know what they want usually already have it. Your job is to figure out what he doesn’t know he needs.

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7 Unexpected Gifts for Your Favorite Girly Girl

The key is to appeal to her feminine nature with a gift that’s unique and charming. Here’s what I suggest.

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What to Get: The Person You’re Casually Dating

If your “we’re not into labels” relationship is in the uncategorizable stage, you can still find something to give your significan…

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Hear Me Out: 3 Great Date Outfits Inspired by (Pre-Makeover) Laney Boggs, Tai Frasier and Josie Geller

If teen movies have taught me anything, it’s to dress like Freddie Prinze Jr. is waiting at the bottom of the stairs for you.

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What To Wear On the First & Second Dates

Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable, and then forget about it completely.

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