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Dell Villa

6 Love Lessons from 50 Cent

As the hits kept comin’, did you ever take a step back and analyze his lyrics to discover all the deep meanings contained therein?

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The Anatomy Of A Botched Compliment

If your man’s latest compliment to you was the verbal equivalent of a Taco Bell FourthMeal—something that never should’ve happene…

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5 Ways Playing The Piano Makes You A Better Dater

When you were 8, diligently hammering out your scales and forming a hate-hate relationship with your metronome.

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Date Night Rehab: 5 At-Home Dates That Bring Back That Lovin’ Feeling

Clearly, things have gotten too comfortable. Like eating-subs-with-the-top-button-undone comfortable.

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6 Rules For Writing The Perfect Love Note To Your Lady

We all understand that you couldn’t plan a special anniversary dinner because you had to get fitted for your eye patch from that f…

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