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Helen Zoe

A New Englander at heart, Helen splits her time between Boston and San Francisco where she's looking for love, laughs, and the next great burrito. Check out her misadventures at

Five Important Lessons From An Actual HowAboutWe Date

I skillfully convinced The Writer to meet for a drink at Lolita instead, an activity that I assumed would be free of any sweat-re…

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Confessions of a Picky Dater

This is the latest post from Helen, our bi-coastal Date Reporter. She’ll be documenting her experience dating in both San Fr…

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How to be a Bi-Coastal Dater

But come on! Me choosing not to talk to someone who I’ll never be in the same city with is very different from me telling someone …

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Exposed: The Thought Process Behind Posting a Great HowAboutWe Date

What can we do while drinking? Or I guess the question is, what can’t we do while drinking?

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Meet Helen, our Bi-Coastal Date Reporter

So, please tune in and follow my adventures as a Date Reporter for in San Francisco and Boston. I figure double the…

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