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Lakey Lumin

Lakey Lumin is a gender sociologist who is determined to live-up her 20s in Chicago. She is inordinately impressed by good trivia skills and witty banter. Follow her on Twitter at @LoveLustLakey, and check out her other blog at

A True Story of a Very Bizarre Double-Blind Date

Why not? It’s good to say yes to things once in awhile, even if you don’t want to do them. Plus, now Ellie totally owes me one ne…

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Lakey’s Second HowAboutWe Date: When The Connection’s There, But the Chemistry’s Not.

Apparently this date was about literally breaking the rules — and laws. I witnessed a robbery and encouraged a dude to pee in a la…

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A First HowAboutWe Date: Let’s Talk Sex, Googling & Politics!

It’s official! I’ve given away my HAW v-card. I went on a date last Wednesday with a handsome real estate guy named Ryan. And what…

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Lakey Gets Into The Nitty Gritty of Making a Good Profile

This is the latest post from our Chicago-based Date Reporter Lakey Lumin. She’ll be giving you a first-hand peek into her da…

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Meet Lakey, our Newest Date Reporter from Chicago!

Introducing HowAboutWe’s Date Reporters, a new series featuring real, live singles from all over the country who are giving …

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