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Rachel Khona

Asking to Be Treated With Respect Doesn’t Mean I’m Demanding a Serious Relationship

Not every woman wants a ring from you.

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Couple Crush: 4 Reasons We Love Ozzy and Sharon

They are both equally crazy, and that’s part of the beauty of their coupledom.

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The Art of Picking Up A Waitress

Just because you’re ready to fish, doesn’t mean she’s going to take your bait. The gulf between friendly banter and getting her nu…

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3 Love Lessons From “I Love Lucy”

Everyone has their quirks. All the reason to love them a little bit more!

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How Axl Rose (Almost) Ruined My Love Life

Even after I realized Axl had morphed into a fat, bloated, housewife in leather pants, I was drawn to men who were outwardly showi…

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6 Online Dating Don’ts for Men

Women want to know what you find attractive about them, not what you find alluring about yourself.

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