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Sarah Fox

People Seriously Need to Stop Lying about Their Ages in Online Dating Profiles

No one cares about your “mental age.”

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Will Meeting Someone at a Wedding Lead to Hookups Or Eternal Happiness?

Some guests catch the bouquet and others catch a member of the bridal party.

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An Indispensible Guide to Using Coupons on a Date without Looking Like a Cheap Jerk

There is a line between thrifty and cheap.

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Dating in Paradise is Just as Awesome as It Sounds

Hawaii is a land of hot lava, hot beaches, and hot people.

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How to Spend New Years Eve on the Couch

What to watch if you’re going to ring in 2014 by the warm glow of the TV.

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How Premature Sports Celebrations Are Just Like a Bad First Date

You don’t want to end up eating your breakfast of champions alone.

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