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What to Do When Your Partner Is Struggling with Depression

Sadness, like a winter cold, passes with time. But depression, like cancer, is a serious disease: it doesn’t pass unless treated.

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And Then I Never Heard From Him Again: The Awful Rise of Ghosting

Disappearing is one of the most popular ways to end a modern romance. And it is not acceptable.

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We All Might Be Better Off If We Went on Blind Dates

OkCupid says we communicate more when online photos aren’t in the picture.

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People Will Do Basically Whatever You Want as Long as You Give Them Flowers

Need a favor? Start with a trip to the florist.

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Use These Balloons to Tell Someone They’re a Jerk, Because You’re Cute and Classy

Read it and weep.

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We Can Officially Have So Many Feelings Now, Says Science

A new study says there are actually 15 more emotions than we initially thought.

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The Fashion ‘Beau-tographer’ is an Evil Plan That I Wish I’d Thought Of First

Why didn’t I think to employ my boyfriend to take photos of all of my outfits?

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An Indispensible Guide to Using Coupons on a Date without Looking Like a Cheap Jerk

There is a line between thrifty and cheap.

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How Do We Really Date and Have Sex Today? This Study is Trying To Find Out

Pace University wants to hear all about that guy you met last night, in the name of research.

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Brilliant Market Researchers Discover That Sad Love Songs Cause Feelings

Magnetic Fields forever.

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