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Ohhh Art

The Hilarious Bad Tinder Date Video is Officially Going to Be a Full Web Series

More bad dates where that came from.

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Broken-Hearted Guy Uses Yelp Reviews to Record His Relationship

Five-star sad.

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This Huge Heart Sculpture in Times Square Will Help New Yorkers Find True Love

Your cosmic match is hiding in Times Square.

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‘Brokeback Mountain’ Is Now An Opera And It’s Going To Be Sexy

The tragic love story will show “a lot more skin than we typically expect from baritones.”

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A Gross Sex Mattress in the Woods Gets an Amazing Make Over

As part of what looks like an “art instillation”, three guys found a grimy, disgusting mattress in the middle of the woods that wa…

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The Most Outrageous Items You’ll Ever See in a Sex Museum

This, for lack of a more artistic term (I was an art history major, and I certainly don’t have one) is a four-poster penis bed. In…

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