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Shall I Compare Thee?

Science Discovers Yelp Reviewers Love Comparing Food to Sex and Drugs, Naturally

What we Yelp about when we Yelp about food.

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This Genius Program Will Write a Craigslist Casual Encounter Ad For You

They’re no Missed Connection, but Collective Love’s auto-generated Casual Encounters posts are seedy love stories for the ages.

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10 Things Shakespeare Taught Us About Relationships

From scoring on the first date to setting boundaries in your LTR, the Bard has more love tips than Julia Stiles’ movie career.

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The Best of Twitter’s Rather Creative #OlympicPickUpLines

Jump on these now, you guys. Because you snooze, you luge.

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This Newly Discovered Sappho Poem Can Help You Get A Date

Unfortunately for 21st century lovers, the newly discovered work has yet to be translated into English.

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Now You Can Get A Robot To Write Shakespearian Love Sonnets For You

Robots can basically do everything now. Why not woo us with love poetry?

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