10 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In (True, Everlasting) Love

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We’ve been loving the photo series that Buzzfeed has been doing lately (this one, especially, had us sobbing by #2), so we decided to take a leaf from their book and round up 10 photos that will your faith in love. Enjoy!

1. Reunited After 60 Years

Siberia, 1948.






Boris and Anna Kazlov were forced to separate only 3 days after their marriage, when Boris was forced to return to his Red Army Unit. A brief while later, Anna and her family were “relocated” by Stalin. By the time Boris returned, there was no trace of his bride. In the ensuing 60 years, both Boris and Anna married, had families, and were eventually widowed. In 2008, Boris returned to his hometown to visit the graves of his parents, when he saw a familiar figure standing in front of the house they had briefly shared after their wedding.




“I ran up to her and said: ‘My darling, I’ve been waiting for you for so long. My wife, my life…’” [Telegraph UK]

2. Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

When “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed this past September, Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta made history when she won the raffle to receive the first kiss when her ship docked late last year, and planted a big, public kiss on girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell [Associated Press, Brian J Clark].



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3. Robert Doisneau’s The Kiss

In 1950, Robert Doisneau saw a young couple kiss on the street in Paris.

“He told us we were charming, and asked if we could kiss again for the camera. We didn’t mind. We were used to kissing. We were doing it all the time then, it was delicious,” the woman in the picture later said.

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4. The Royal Wedding


It’s hard not to believe in fairytale weddings when there’s a real one unfolding before your very eyes. Beneath all the pomp and circumstance of Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton, the genuine affection and giddy excitement of the newlyweds was what really made a lasting impression. Ah, young love!



5. The Lovings

Mildred and Richard Loving fell in love and got married in June of 1958, when interracial marriage was still outlawed in Virginia. The Lovings took the issue to the Supreme Court, and in 1967, nearly a decade after their wedding, ruled that the anti-miscegenation law in Virginia violated the Fourteenth Amendment.



40 years later, Mildred Loving issued a statement:



“Surrounded as I am now by wonderful children and grandchildren, not a day goes by that I don’t think of Richard and our love, our right to marry, and how much it meant to me to have that freedom to marry the person precious to me, even if others thought he was the ‘wrong kind of person’ for me to marry.”



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6. Two Eggs, Sticking Together


When Shirley Sirivong was put on bedrest during a difficult pregnancy, her doctor ordered her to eat nothing but egg whites, wheat bread, peanut butter, and a few vegetables for breakfast. To cheer her up, her husband Gat began to turn her breakfast plate into funny faces. From there, the breakfast plates got more ornate, depicting little scenes with two eggs as the main characters in a variety of situations, just to put a smile on his wife’s face. [Full Story]



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7. Married for 86 Years

Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher were married for a record-breaking 86 years, before Herbert passed away earlier this year. The couple took to Twitter this past Valentine’s Day to dispense some relationship advice.



Zelmyra: I cook dinner EVERY day.Herbert left work early & surprised me – he cooked dinner for me! He is a VERY good cook!
Herbert: I said that I was going to cook dinner for her & she could relax – the look on her face & clean plate made my day!



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8. Love at First [Picture] Sight

In 1964, when he was just 17, Moti saw a picture of the then-Miss Israel, Ronit Rinat, and instantly fell in love. But knowing that he probably had no chance with her as a 17 year-old kid who’d never met her, he moved on with his life. Four decades later, after getting divorced, Moti got ahold of Ronit’s number and decided to take a chance.



“I called her, [and] I said, ‘You’ve been in my heart 40 years. I believe we are soul mates, and I believe we might be husband and wife someday'”.



Ronit had her hesitations, but decided to meet with him anyway. A year and a half later, they were married.





9. Mr. and Mrs. President

Photo by Pete Souza

It’s easy to be jaded about political marriages: after all, so many have been proven to be For The Podium Only. So it’s especially nice to see Barack and Michelle Obama, pictured here during a quiet moment on Inauguration Night in 2009, looking like a couple of teenagers on prom night.





10. 5,000 Years and Going Strong

In 2007, the skeletons of a couple locked together in an embrace were found outside of Mantua, Italy. The skeletons belong to a man and a woman between the ages of 18-20 who died over 6,000 years ago. How’s that for eternal love?



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