10 Pickup Lines For Flirting At The Bookstore

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Bookstores are a lot like bars, except that you have to bring your own alcohol. In terms of finding your potential life partner, though, your local Barnes & Noble is just as rife with opportunity as that dirty pub you usually frequent/cry quietly in on Wednesday nights. All you need is the right conversation-starter, and you’ll be awkwardly groping a post-grad English Major in the Erotica section in no time.

Plus: What Your Bookshelf Says About You To A Date

“I see that you can read. That shit’s hot.”

“Excuse me, could you point me toward the Self-Help section? I need some advice on how to approach a gorgeous girl in a bookstore without seeming creepy.”

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m one of the fastest speed-readers in the tri-county area.”

“I hope this isn’t too forward, but I saw you awkwardly skimming The Illustrated Kama Sutra, and I gotta say that I find your discerning literary taste to be immensely attractive. ”

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“Man, I could read Pride and Prejudice over and over. Elizabeth Bennett is fine as hell.”

“I don’t know about you, but I found to Dave Eggers’ latest effort to be really derivative. Just kidding. I don’t even know what ‘derivative’ means. God your eyes are pretty.”

“There’s nothing sexier than Ayn Rand preachin’ about egoism, am I right? I’m right.”

“Would it be too bold of me to ask your opinion on the state of contemporary American literature? Personally, I think that Michael Chabon and George Saunders are revolutionizing the game.”

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“Can you believe that kid over there is just reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time? Welcome to 1997, buddy. Spoiler alert: Snape kills Dumbledore.”

“I noticed that you’re holding a copy of Twilight. Let’s never, ever go out.”