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It’s hot outside. Really hot. Which makes doing much of anything seem impossible.

Peeling yourself off the couch and away from the comfort of air conditioning can be hard; however, just because the heat is unrelenting doesn’t mean that the dating scene is going to slow down. You still need to be on top of it when it comes to dating fun in the summer sun, so we’ve pulled together some different summer date ideas to get you off the couch, on a date and having some fun!

Paddle boarding/kayaking/canoeing

Sure the pool is always fun, but try making the date more active with a water activity that’s both challenging AND fun. You’ll see a side of each other you’ve never seen, and that’s exciting!


Drive-in movies

If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in theatre located near you, this is an ideal summer night date. Park the car, pop the trunk, cuddle up, and get the best of both worlds by enjoying a movie outside.


Outdoor movies, in general

Let’s say where you live doesn’t have a drive-in movie theatre anywhere near the vicinity. If you can get your hands on a projector and you or your date has access to an outside wall onto which you could project a movie, DO IT! Make it even more fun by creating a pallet of blankets and treat the outdoors like your own, personal movie theatre.


Make popsicles together

The variations of homemade popsicles you can make are endless. You and your date can decide on a few you’d like to try and experiment with making delicious, handcrafted treats. For a splash of even more fun, try searching for adult-friendly popsicle recipes.


Early morning or late night picnic

Trying to enjoy a romantic picnic in the middle of the day when the heat is at its hottest sounds pretty miserable. Instead, throw your date a curve ball by suggesting an early morning or late night picnic. You’ll avoid the worst of the sun and be able to sneak parts of the day that are usually spent sleeping!


Create a wintertime night-in

Depending on how close you and your date are, you can always take a break from the heat by turning your home into a temporary, ideal winter scene for the evening. Blast the A/C, bundle up in blankets, light the fire, and make cups of hot cocoa or s’mores! It’s a creative way to escape the unrelenting summer heat in your very own winter wonderland.


Book a hot air balloon

Nothing says “romance” like floating into the air together! Hot air balloons are becoming more and more accessible for people to rent and ride. This activity could be something new and exciting for you and a date to experience together!


See live music you’ve never seen

It doesn’t have to be a big, billboard show. No one’s expecting you to land tickets to a big show, so why not check out local music in your city. You never know what new band you might discover together on a summer stroll throughout a busy area in your town.


Rent your dream car for the day

Never enjoyed a ride in a convertible but have fantasies of doing so with a cute date by your side? National rental companies have “Exotic Car Collections” from which you can rent your ultimate fantasy car to take a cruise in.


Spend an entire day playing games

Go bowling. Head to a bar with arcade games. Play Jenga. Play cards. Dig out old board games you’d never thought would see the light of day again! Dedicate an entire weekend afternoon to challenging each other’s minds.



This post was originally published on the Match Media Blog.