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10 Women Reveal Their Perfect Date

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It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, so every man out there should be taking his wonderful woman out on a date. Here, we asked some of those said women what their perfect date would be – you’re welcome, guys.


1. “I would go skiing. We would ski all day then have dinner and red wine by the fireplace.”

2. “Have a low-key night. Relax on a beach wharf with a rosé in hand, whispering about what’s to come.”

3. “I would say something very simple – nothing extravagant. I would want him to organize and book it all, so I didn’t have to think about anything. Oh and then lots of crazy sex!”

4. “Go to a fancy, Italian restaurant – an elegant and romantic night together.”

5. “Go to the roller-disco! It was so funny last time, so we’ll have another crack at that and giggle at all the other loser couples trying to be romantic. We will then realize our boozed attempt at roller skating was pathetic and hilarious, resulting in delicious food and cocktails.”

6. “Sit in a park enjoying a delicious antipasto plate with lots of champagne followed by a walk near the water. After that, an outdoor cinema experience! My favorite.”

7. “I would pick up some food, and set ourselves up on the beach – a perfect Summer night. A night of swimming in the ocean, kissing on the sand, drinking wine and eating burgers! Ultimate date fo sho.”

8. “Starting at a delicious cocktail bar, I would want my boyfriend to choose one of my favorite restaurants for a late dinner.”

9. “Take-out, a movie, and a lot of sex.”

10. “Definitely doing something we wouldn’t usually do together. Whether it be ice skating, a picnic, going for  a bike ride – I like it when we get out and do something different!”