11 Sandwiches To Make For Your Boyfriend That Will Blow His Mind

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Ladies, I don’t know about you, but when I try to talk about feminism and my boyfriend is like, “make me a sandwich!” I’m like, well okay! If that happens to you frequently (boys will be boys), you  might be running out of sandwiches.  Here are some sandwiches that will make his day a little bit more special and blow him away. See more at!

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Guys are sometimes hard to shop for, but here’s a gift that nobody would try to return. The Giftwich is really just a reuben with a ribbon, but it’s way tastier than a tie or cologne.


The existence of this sandwich supports my claim that everything is better in wine glasses. Say hello to the Swine ‘N Cheesewich — ahh, that was a good year.

This sandwich does not look appetizing, but book nerds will get such a kick out of it they’ll dig right in. If your boyfriend looks at you skeptically, get all accusatory and question his commitment to fine literature. “I thought you loved books! I guess I was wrong!”

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It’s hard to celebrate Day of the Dead, isn’t it? What are you supposed to do? You can’t ask your neighbors for candy, nobody brings your presents, and nobody wears funny green hats and gets drunk on Guinness starting at 7 AM. This sandwich gives us a reason to look forward to the otherwise pointless holiday.

Is your boyfriend sporting a new mustache? This sandwich is a great way to either communicate a) “babe, I love your new mustache” or b) “SHAVEEEE THIS IS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKEEEEEE.”

This is a good sandwich if you care about your boyfriend, but at the moment, only a little bit. Maybe he accidentally threw your favorite pair of shoes away or spilled wine on your book. You’re that level of pissed.

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Won’t your boyfriend be surprised to sit down to his computer and find this sammie in his hand in place of his mouse! “Hope you washed you hands, darling, because dinner is served and that’s all you’re gonna get!”

Does your boyfriend love ham? How much does he love ham? Does he really love ham? Are you still reading? Yes? Then you should probably make your boyfriend this sandwich.

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Here’s what I’m picturing: make this sandwich for your boyfriend for breakfast before a big day at work. Sandwiches are an often overlooked breakfast food, but WHY? This will get him off on a much better foot than a bowl of Captain Crunch would. Please be sure not to use the shirt he was planning on wearing as the backdrop to the sammie. That might turn the spirited, positive energy of the morning around.

Packed your lunch, honey! You’ll never GUESS what it is!

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This sandwich offers you the perfect opportunity to say, while your boyfriend is lifting it, “have you been jerking off more, honey? Your biceps are really turning me on!”