11 Steps For Coping With Amy Poehler And Will Arnett’s Split

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The news the America’s favorite funny couple Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are separating took the nation by storm, sending people into fits of despair and wondering if love could possibly exist. But while this is devastating news, love DOES exist, Amy and Will are going to LOOOOVE AGAIN stronger than before, even if it takes a life time to get over it, heaven only knows, and we are all going to be okay. We can get over this together. Let’s do this.

1. First, let’s have a good cry.

It’s okay. Get it all out. You’ll feel better in 4:06. You need this. Bye-bye, goodbye, they tried.

2. Look at this picture of the couple in happier days.

Listen, I’m not trying to torture you. It wasn’t all bad. They had happy, wonderful days. And they will both have more happy days. Separately. Or together! You NEVER know. Also, this picture is a reminder that they were a very good thing. It is a good thing that they happened, even if it has to stop.

3. But seriously: you can see how it’d be rough.

As we’ve discussed, being in a relationship with a comedian isn’t easy. And two comedians? That’s double the ego, double the jokes — it couldn’t have been easy. Especially in the spotlight.

4. It’s all happened before and it will all happened again.

Remember when it was Seal and Heidi? Or Arnold and Maria? Or your two best friends who you thought would be together forever? This stuff happens. And as Chiara asks,

Are we focused too much on happily ever after? Should we content ourselves with “Happily for a long, long time”? Is a relationship only an inspiration if it’s unending? Does it have to be til death-do-them-part, or can we we look up to and admire relationships that, for the better part of multiple decades, really did seem to work? As you continue your search for a relationship, what sort of longevity are you looking for? Obviously “forever” is an ideal answer. But if it came between having someone for the better half of my life and then breaking up, or being perpetually single, I’d probably choose the former option.

5. Let’s be mad for a sec.

It’s okay — these are healthy feelings. Let it out.

6. Don’t give up on everlasting love.

It exists. We have proof.

See more photos that will restore your faith in true everlasting love HERE.

7. We must stay strong for Archie.

8. Read some funny tweets about it.

Amy and Will would want us to laugh.





But let’s remember not to be too dramatic about it.


9. Here is your coping material.

Break-up books, break-up foods, break-up songs, and our incredibly thorough guide to breaking up. I know this isn’t your break-up, but it sure feels like it, doesn’t it?

10. Let’s get happy for them.

I don’t mean to be flippant about this because I’m sure this will take some time, but… they can date again! There can be new love. And that is  exciting. Guys, when you’re ready:



Plus, here are 15 perks to being single and dating. (There are way, way more.)


11. Time for one more song.

This one is more uplifting.