5 Dates To Celebrate National Escargot Day (Without Actually Having to Eat Snails)

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Today is National Escargot Day and I, for one, am not terribly excited about it. I’ve never eaten a snail and I’m not sure I’m ever going to.

It’s not so much that snails are slimy and gross (which, of course, they are). What really stands between me and my enjoyment of this French delicacy is the fact that once, when I was a teenager, a snail lifted its little eye-stalks and looked me RIGHT IN THE FACE and cocked its little, adorable snail head. How could I ever eat an animal (or mollusk, as the case may be) that’s capable of inter-species flirting?

But, I digress. Escargot Day is indeed upon us and just because some of us might not be able to bring ourselves to eat the dish due either to squeamishness or a strange kinship to those squishy little critters, it doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate with awesome date ideas, right? Think of Escargot Day as a day to try some exotic food that, on any other day, wouldn’t get near your lips. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you. (Click any date idea and then click “repost” to find someone to go with!)