From Zoo Dates To Stained Glass Museums: Your Best HowAboutWe Date Ideas This Week

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Hands down, the best part of working at HowAboutWe is getting to see all the creative, romantic, fun, and interesting dates our users come up with. Below are our favorite dates from this week alone. Steal their date ideas — or ask them out!

Alternatively, you could go to a preppy bar and dress like hipsters. Whatever the specifics, doing something silly and unexpected is a great way to bond on a date.Ask Him Out!

What’s cool about this date is that it’s on a Tuesday. Tuesday is a great date night! It’s fun to have something to look forward to during the work week, and it’s less pressure than scheduling something on the weekend. Ask Him Out!

Yep, this is how you do it: find something you want to do anyway, take it to a second location, and find someone to go with you. Art gallery+drinks=perfect first date. Ask Him Out!

A zoo date is a fun, relaxed way to spend an afternoon. If conversation falters, you can always talk about the animals! Ask Him Out!

A stained glass museum? Awesome. Pick the randomest/weirdest museum in your city and propose it as a date: you’re sure to get a response! Ask Her Out!

Surely your city has a long stretch of walkable area, right? Suggest it as a date or ask Her Out!

Obviously any date involving pie is going to be amazing. Obviously. Ask him out!

Love a date that lets you work up an appetite! Ask Her Out!

Lunchtime dates are severely underrated. Ask Her Out!