Do Tattoos Make You Look Easy?

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Yesterday, Emily over at wrote about how her tattoos seem to make guys think she’s easy.

“A tattooed arm, to a lot of people, yells daddy issues, kinky sex and low self-esteem, broadcasts so much more than the pretty daisies and bumblebee I picked out,” she writes.


Emily’s personal anecdotes seem to corroborate OK Cupid’s findings from January, that girls with tattoos or piercings get way more attention/messages from men. It’s true that a woman with a tattoo usually doesn’t come off as prim. But does a tattoo send off slutty vibes?

Of course, it’s possible that tattoos just give people an excuse to talk to you: “Cool tattoo” is a pretty easy way to break the ice with someone with whom you’ve never spoken before. It makes sense, therefore, that tattooed women would be approached more.

Still, it’s a pretty interesting question, so we’re throwing it out to you guys: have you noticed any sort of bias or stigma towards tattooed girls? Do tattoos make you look easy? Let us know in the comments!