16 ‘Favorite Bands’ to Avoid in Your Dating Profile

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Your taste in music says a lot about you, especially to potential romantic partners. And while enjoying rocking out to Jimmie’s Chicken Shack in your car is not necessarily a dating felony, it also doesn’t make for the best first impression. Here are some “favorite bands” that you should think twice about listing on your profile, given what liking those artists says about you to would-be suitors.

Plus: What Your Taste in Music Says About You On a Date

Kanye West – What this says to others: “Let’s get together, have a few drinks and just talk. About me. Non-stop. All on the subject of ME!”

Source: Perez Hilton

Taylor Swift – What this says to others: “It’s a trap! Don’t contact me unless you want our disastrous evening together at Applebees to be immortalized in song.”

Source: Tumblr

Vampire Weekend: “If you don’t know who Paul Simon is, this date is over.”

Mumford & Sons/Lumineers/Of Monsters and Men, etc.: “Let me treat you to a romantic moonlit serenade… with my extremely annoying banjo.”

The Killers: “If we stay together, we’ll probably become one of those couples that wears matching leopard-print sequined jackets.”

Daft Punk: “Ooh la la! I’m a stylish French robot programmed to drop killer beats!” On second thought, this one might work for you. Dance on, you sexy robot!

Source: Tumblr

The Strokes: “If you don’t know who The Velvet Underground are, this date is over.”

One Direction“You don’t know you’re beautiful.” Just kidding, it actually says,  “You don’t know you’re searching with the wrong  age filter.”

Source: Favim

Dave Matthews Band: “I’m looking forward to our date. I just hope this restaurant is cool with me wearing cargo shorts made of hemp.”

Phish: “We could make out… oooooor we could listen to this amazing 20-minute guitar solo.”

Motley Cru: “Have you eaten yet? This strip club has a killer buffet.”

Metallica: “How about we take this party back to my place? Fair warning: I live in a dark, unfurnished room with a shirtless old man and a single exposed lightbulb.”

Nine Inch Nails: “I want to take you out for a night of dinner, dancing and deep conversation… like an animal.”

Source: Tumblr

Insane Clown Posse: “I’m fiercely loyal, I have a unique sense of personal style, and I make meth in a kiddie swimming pool using common household items.”

Source: Tumblr

Chris Brown: “This person is a monster. Avoid at all costs.”

“I Don’t Like Music” — Come on!! Everyone at least likes The Beatles, right?

Source: Fanpop

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