Tell Someone You’re Breaking Up In Person, Or Don’t Tell Them Anything At All

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Last week, we asked you what the best method is for calling things off with someone you’re casually dating (like, 3 dates to pre-exclusive.) In person? By text? By email? Or by just…not calling.

For some reason I was convinced that “by email” would win this one, but nope: 31% of you said break-ups should happen in person. The “fade out” (not calling, dropping off the face of the planet) was the second most popular option. This is definitely the easiest break-up method to enact…and also the most confusing, if you’re the one being inexplicably dumped.

Incredibly, it was the options somewhere between a face-to-face confrontation and all out avoidance that got the fewest votes: texts, emails, and phone calls are not popular ways to call things off.

So either you tell someone to their face — or you avoid them for the rest of your life? You guys are really all or nothing — I respect that.

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