But Seriously: Are You Worried About Being Single During The Holidays?

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Okay, guys. It’s 50 days until Thanksgiving, 77 until Hanukkah, 80 days til Christmas, 87 days til New Year’s, and 131 days until Valentine’s Day. Last year, we poked fun at the concept of a “Winter Boyfriend,” and just last week we wrote a tongue-in-cheek article on “Autumn Boyfriends” (which as far as we know is a concept that doesn’t really exist). In general, the thought of matching a significant other to the season seems pretty silly: we know that love doesn’t work that way.

That having been said

There is something about winter, and more specifically the Holiday Season, that makes people extra wary of being single. Maybe it’s the thought of facing countless holiday parties alone, of stealthily avoiding mistletoe, of going back to your hometown, alone, again. Partly it’s because in recent years, Christmas has surpassed Valentine’s Day as the most romantic time of the year (which, by the way, is practically around the corner).

On the other hand, it seems like a shame that a season so full of general goodwill and cheer should be at all tainted by whether or not you happen to be seeing someone at the time. Does it really matter that much? Or do you worry about spending the holiday season alone?