The Best Couples’ Costumes Of 2011: Kate And William Edition

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It’s almost Halloween, which means that if you and your date are going to coordinate costumes, it’s time to start locking one down. (A costume, not a date.)(Well, possibly a date, too.) Over the next few days, we’re going to be publishing quick, easy, and timely couple costume ideas. Because, let’s face it: having the best costume at the party basically proves that you’re the coolest couple. So it’s important.

1. Kate Middleton and Prince William

This is the couple costume of 2011. If you want to make things super easy, order these Kate and William masks, which are currently going for under $3 on Amazon.

Otherwise, you can pretty easily replicate their Engagement Shot.

For Kate

Find a royal blue dress. The Halston one pictured below is especially perfect, but if you don’t have $495 to burn on a Halloween Costume, there are about a hundred other (cheaper) options on Pair the dress with plain black shoes, and a huge, costume ring. If you don’t have luscious brown locks like Kate’s you can purchase a cheap wig: here’s a good one for only $11.

UPDATE: The Halston dress is available on Rent The Runway for a mere $50!

For William

So easy. Just wear a suit. Maybe, if you feel like it, a Union Jack tie? But “William” gets to be pretty low key with this one — it’s Kate on his arm that will make or break the costume.

If this costume is too boring for you, remember you can always spice things up by going as zombie Kate and William!

Check back tomorrow for another couple costume idea!