Fantasy Vs. Reality: 5 Types of Women and What It’s Really Like to Date Them

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Is there a time when the song “I’m in Love with a Stripper” actually applied to you, guy? Yeah, we’ve all been there — in a “something” with a certain type of gal or dude we wanted to date just to say we did. We talked with a few men about “types” of women they pursued because they thought it sounded good.

1. The Boss

The fantasy: Dominating and assertive, she’ll take you into her office, wearing the hot suit with skirt and heels combo, and go to town on you.

The reality: Rob S. from Long Island dated his 37-year-old boss when he was 22. The two hooked up after a night seeing a friend’s band at a bar.

“We went on real, actual dates, and spent time at her house. I never got to the point where I met any of her friends/family… she knew a couple of my friends from the one night we made out at a bar but that was all. Of course, we kept things real quiet at work. Both of us would have been out of there in two seconds had they known.

Around the holidays, I took a new job. We hung out one more time, exchanged emails for a while. Then it just kind of dried up. No dramatic break-up or anything. I think she just wanted someone to hang out with. She’d always talk about how stupid commitment was. I was 22, so I was like yeah, OK.”

2. The Model

The fantasy: Beautiful, tall, the envy of any man who crosses your path when you’re with her.

The reality: “Before my wife, my longest girlfriend was a local girl that did some amateur modeling and, at the time, was simply stunning. I was 20 at the time so I often felt inferior to her and her beauty. Logically I wasn’t jealous but I occasionally forgot to realize that other guys looking at your girl is a compliment, not an insult. I was so immature, and without her, I would still be that immature.” Chris C., Philadelphia.

3. The Sports Fanatic

The fantasy: She will never give you crap about watching the game. Instead, she’ll get elbow-deep in chicken wings with you as you both scream at the screen.

The reality: “For a while, it was the ultimate dream come true for me,” says Jacob M., from Chicago. “I was younger, in my early 20s, and it was all about me, so it was like I didn’t have to change what I wanted to do when I dated her because she wanted to do the same thing — watch football, go to games, shoot hoops. I didn’t have to indulge any girly stuff on her end, but that’s what became the problem. I started wanting to be romantic, to have her dress up, but she was a total grown-up tomboy and just wanted to be one of the guys.”

4. The Outcast

The fantasy: She’s moody and possibly has a criminal record. She has at least one tattoo or piercing, but she is dangerous, quirky and doesn’t take bullshit. And the sex is angry-hot.

The reality: “I had an ongoing relationship with a girl in college who was the complete opposite of anything someone would ‘expect.’ She was short, not terribly attractive and had all kinds of tattoos. We clicked for whatever reason. It was totally on the down low so I would see her in the cafeteria and say hello and her friends would be shocked. None of them ‘expected’ that.” — Mike K, Springfield, PA

5. The Older Woman

The fantasy: She knows what she wants, in all areas of her life, and will show you the ropes in bed.

The reality: “It was definitely hot for a while, but then she started to get kind of like a mom,” says Steven M. from Boston, who dated someone in her 40s when he was 25. “All women show a different side once you start dating them, but she kind of flipped from Jekyll to Hyde too much, asking me who I was with, what I was doing a lot. About three months into it, I’d had enough. I wasn’t ready for something solid and she was.”