20 Places You Think Are Great Proposal Spots (But Are Actually Terrible)

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Though it looks super romantic for a character in a movie to propose at the top of the Empire State Building, in real life it’s not such a good idea. In real life, the place is actually crowded with tons of people trying to take pictures who are annoyed with you for taking up so much room.

Here are 20 other places that are awesome to visit on vacation but maybe not so awesome for popping the question.

1. The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous structures in the world. Thousands of proposals have happened there, making yours pretty darn unoriginal.

2. The Taj Mahal

Yes, this was built as a site sacred to true love. But it’s also super hot and there are a hundred very tense people in line behind you.

3. Singapore

There are laws here that ban kissing in public, and what’s the fun of a proposal without a kiss at the end?

4. In a religious/holy site

Though it’s easy to get swept away by the beauty of the Hagia Sofia or Notre Dame, people still use these sites as places to pray. It might not be the coolest thing to interrupt someone’s quiet religious moment with your big over-the-top proposal.

5. Manneken Pis

It may be the most famous site in Brussels, but a statue of a little boy peeing is a very weird setting for a proposal.

6. Stonehenge

Unless you are legally recognized as a Druid, you are not getting within a hundred feet of the stones. But if proposing in the middle of a field near Stonehenge is romantic for you, then feel free.

7. Old Faithful

Every girl’s dream is to have her proposal set against the backdrop of a geyser that constantly smells like rotten eggs.

8. The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The only way to climb this bridge is to do it with an approved company, meaning you’ll be in coveralls and a safe-but-not-sexy helmet. The view’s great, but you don’t want people to look at your engagement photos and only notice that you’re wearing a bungee cord that keeps you from falling into the water.

9. The Blarney Stone

If you kiss the stone, you might get the gift of gab. You might also get oral herpes.

10. The Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan)

This ancient wonder is high up, but it doesn’t have any safety railings. The last thing you want is to fall off a pyramid while on bended knee.

11. Times Square

Your proposal may be the most romantic thing ever, but you will probably still get bumped into by a bunch of lost tourists trying to figure out where the M&Ms store is.

12. The Tokyo Skytree

It may be the tallest building in Tokyo, but it’s actually just a mall. You don’t want to associate your new marriage with that much commerce.

13. The Bodleian Library

Yes, it’s beautiful. But all those nice people are trying to study. Quietly.

14. Pamplona

Saying “will you marry me?” while you’re trying to avoid getting gored by a bull is not the most romantic idea. That said, if you want to propose in Pamplona during one of the other 51 weeks a year, go right ahead.

15. The Sex Museum

If you’re in Amsterdam, you should definitely check out this popular attraction. But maybe don’t propose in front of the two giant open legs that form the museum entrance?

16. Mt. Everest

Even if you make it to the top of this mountain, you can only stay for a few minutes or risk becoming seriously ill from the lack of oxygen. You should hope that your soon-to-be-fiance is swooning, not passing out.

17. Plaza de Mayo

Women march here every week to call attention to “the disappeared,” men and women who vanished during Argentina’s Dirty War. The way to honor their struggles is by not proposing here.

18. A San Francisco cable car

You know, a lot of the people on this cable car are just trying to get to work, okay?

19. The Little Mermaid

Good luck trying to have a private moment when buses arrive every five minutes to drop off thousands of tourists who need to get their photo ops.

20. Cancun

Spring Break? Perfect. A sweet, romantic proposal? Maybe not so much.