20 WTF Love And Sex Cakes

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She does look really sorry.

What a gentleman!

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This is so realistic, I hardly could tell it was a cake.

I really hope that single candle means Donna is turning more than one year old, because that would make this even less appropriate, and I didn’t think that would be possible.

I think a few more flowers would have really spruced up this otherwise classy design.

What a great way to drive home an important message.

You know, I used to do the weeding for my parents when I lived with them in Ohio, and they never thanked me like this. What assholes.

If your cake has to be blacked out for pictures, you know you’ve gone too far.

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This was a good idea. When your delicious cake tells you something, you usually believe it.

Are those fondant trash bags?

Yeah buddy. This piece of cake is way better than endless sex with someone you love and want to build your future with. It’s realllllly good cake.

If  you want me to have anal sex with you, you’re going to have to do better than that.

Sweet and witty. What a catch.

It’s complicated. Very complicated.

I don’t like hair on my cake. Or… any other stuff that might be on this cake.

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I’m not touching that thing with my tongue, but I’m sure someone is into this kind of stuff.

Oh my God. Sleeping Beauty did not have herpes. Gonorrhea, I can’t be so sure. But you would notice herpes.

The cake doesn’t lie.

A pregnant teen gets a lot of things. A baby, shattered dreams, and an amazing chocolate cake are among those things.

Is someone dying?