Eye Candy: 10 Hot Celebrity Mustaches for Movember Inspiration

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You may have heard of “No Shave November,” or maybe you even grow a “Winter Beard,” but in case you need some motivation: Movember is here. Movember is an event in which men are encouraged to grow their lip hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer. There’s no reason not to participate — I mean, unless you can’t grow facial hair and in that case you can just donate.

Now, what kind of mustache will you grow? Here’s a sample of 10 celebrity mustaches for inspiration. Or just eye candy. Whatever you choose.

1. Ryan Gosling

2. Jason Schwartzman

3. Nick Offerman

4. Andre 3000

5. Dominic Cooper

6. Jason Sudeikis

7. Idris Elba

8. Jake Gyllenhaal

9. Michael Pena

10. Mark Ruffalo


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