Is Being A Bad Cook A Relationship Dealbreaker?

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Bad cook = dealbreaker? That’s the question Natalie at YourTango posed a few days ago, to which I say: God, I hope not.

But wait: What if you’re not necessarily a bad cook, just more of a…non-cook? You can’t honestly say you’re bad at something that you haven’t really tried.

Luckily for me, though, Natalie rounded up 5 tips from YourTango staffers on how to overcome this potential dealbreaker. My favorite is the last one:

5. And when all else fails, buy the “homemade” salsa and put it in a bowl. Same with meatballs. Same with an infinite number of foods.

To which I’d add: conversation-starter dishes! The more distracted they are from the actual food (and your culinary talent or lack thereof), the better. (The plate above is available at Urban Outfitters, though I probably wouldn’t bring it out too early on in the relationship.)

What do you think: Is being a bad (or nonexistent) cook a dealbreaker?