21 Signs Your One Night Stand Was Awesome

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After 22 unfortunate signs that your one night stand was a terrible idea, we think we need to consider the signs that That. Was. Awesome. Go you.

1. Your roommates started applauding when you stepped into the living room in the morning.

2. The terms and conditions of the arrangement were negotiated without refutation and contingency clauses, and have been properly adhered to by both parties.

3. You’ve stopped rooting for Olympians to fail.

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4. You have the urge to run around the block wearing nothing but a crinkled blue ribbon you won in a fifth grade spelling bee.

5. He/she’s not on Facebook.

6. You bake your own self a cake in your honor.

7. Physically and emotionally, nothing broke.

8. In the morning, you ordered eggs, delivered to your bed. (Seamless never sleeps, people.)

9. You haven’t taken off that cowboy hat since.

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10. Back rubs were involved.

11. You talked and talked and talked all night. With your hips.

12. You got a fist bump from your cat.

13. You did it again in the morning.

14. You’ve started naked rapping in the mirror again.

15. You’re pretty sure you don’t need to work out for like a month.

16. You played with sex toys.

17. When the hobo on the train calls you Fugly Demon Shitter, you just smile and nod.

18. Your mom says you look well.

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19. He/she left a note under your pillow that said, “Thank you, Sex God.”

20. Miraculously, you remembered where you put your long-lost car keys.

21. Your hair smells like Sex Perfume.

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