What to Wear on Thanksgiving (So You Can Eat All You Want & Still Look Great)

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There are more important things in life than looking cute. But assuming you’ve got all those more important things squared away, let’s concentrate on the skin-deep, shall we?

Thanksgiving is a tricky holiday, because looking good comes second to your primary objective, which is eating as much as you can possibly stuff into that lovely elastic little chamber also known as your stomach.

But Thanksgiving is also a time for going home, a time of running into your high school crush, a time for meeting your significant other’s parents. In other words, Turkey Day is no excuse to totally let yourself go.

Don’t worry: there is a way for gluttony and pulchritude to happily co-exist. Just follow these tips.

1. The Base

Pants are basically going to make or break your Thanksgiving outfit: you’re obviously going to need something with elastic and a lot of give. Enter, leggings.

The great thing about leggings is that they expand as you do, so you won’t have to deal with the embarrassing urge to unbutton your pants once you’re two plates in. Whether you think leggings are an acceptable form of pants or not is up to you: they can be worn with a dress, or with a tunic-like top. (The advantage of either of those options is, again, loose around the waist.)

Another option is that super stretchy pair of jeans, but be careful: the last thing you want is something constricting your stomach.

2. Ponchos are thematic and flattering.

Ponchos, somewhat bizarrely, are all the rage this season. Regardless of how you feel about this style (or cultural appropriation) for the other 364 days of the year, on Thanksgiving, Ponchos are your friend.

$89, Ann Taylor Loft

$59, Urban Outfitters

$128, Anthropologie

$59, Madewell

$89.00, Zara

They’re like maternity wear for chic girls who are having a food baby.

3. Skirt Option

If you’re legging-averse, you might want to consider wearing a skirt, which is more likely to have an elastic waist than a pair of pants. (Elastic, obviously, is key.)

If you wear a glitter skirt, people will just assume you’re being very on trend, when actually you’re just trying to wear something forgiving of the massive amounts of food you’re planning on eating. Clever!

$158, Ann Taylor

$148, JCrew

These skirts are both shown with tucked in shirts, but don’t feel pressure to follow that trend on Thursday! Pair with a sweater and don’t tuck it in.

4. Heels!

Heels are amazingly transformative in that they instantly make even the schlubbiest of outfits look dressed up. You can be wearing leggings and your high school boyfriend’s ratty football sweatshirt, but add a pair of heels and all of the sudden you look like you’re trying.

$104, Steve Madden

$26, Payless

And that’s all that really matters on Thanksgiving. Trying.

5. Lipstick

You know how magazines always say that a bright lipstick will brighten up your whole face? It’s true. Even after a three-hour, tryptophan-induced nap, a pop of bright lipstick will make you look both alert and festive.

$14.50, Clinique

Nars, $24