When Should The Woman Pay For The Date? Sparingly, and Never With Money, Apparently

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Patti, Patti, Patti, you’re killing us here.

From an interview with Glamour:

GLAMOUR: Should you always let the guy pay on dates?

PS: For four out of five, the man pays. The woman should “pay” on the fifth, but not with money. Make him dinner.

GLAMOUR: Huh? But what if you’ve been on 20 dates with him?

PS: You can pay in an exclusive, committed relationship, but make sure he pays more.

GLAMOUR: Always? That sounds extreme!

PS: Yes, always. For the rest of your life.

“The woman should ‘pay’, but not with money.” “Always For the rest of your life.” That is some frightening rhetoric! (Though with all the money she expects us to spend on hair straightening, maybe she’s just trying to give us a break.)