To Give, or Not to Give: A Holiday Flowchart for Daters

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You can barely turn on the TV during the holidays without encountering a commercial in which a good-looking but not intimidatingly attractive individual surprises his or her significant other with the perfect gift (a diamond, a car, a Swiffer, etc). The gift recipient always tears up a bit, clutches the item to their chest (providing it’s not, in fact, a car), and leans in for a kiss under the Christmas tree/mistletoe/menorah. The message behind these commercials is clear: give a gift, or die alone.

Unfortunately for singletons and casual daters, knowing whether or not to give a gift at all can sometimes be tricky. Is it weird to give a gift at this point in your relationship, or is it expected?

We’ve made a handy little flowchart to help answer the perennial Christmas question: To Give, or Not To Give?