5 Gifts for Your Hipster Boyfriend

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Thanks to the Smiths, he knows how to be emotionally vulnerable and thanks to the tattoos, you find him dead sexy. That’s a pretty great hipster boyfriend you have there. Show him that your love is as true as Kim and Thurston’s Ben and Zooey’s David Byrne’s love for cycling with a well considered gift this season.

1. Proud to be an American Chia Series.
Over-exuberant patriotism goes over big with males of a certain demographic, almost as big as ironic humor. The choice between a George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Statue of Liberty and Barack Obama planters should cover all applicable political leanings and each order comes complete with convenient drip tray.

2. Clever Dripper.
If your boyfriend isn’t already a barista, but enjoys painstakingly preparing his fair-trade, small-batch, organic coffee with almost scientific precision, then try a Clever Dripper, which combines the best features of French press and filter drip brewing. Pair it with a bag of locally roasted brew and a mustache mug and every morning when he sips his Colombian bean, he’ll think of you.

3. Pendleton blanket.
These made-in-Oregon (a trés dope locale) wool blankets combine warmth, status and responsible environmental stewardship in one gift. Any Bon Iver fan will appreciate its cabin in the woods coziness and it’ll add some flair to his Ikea couch.

4. Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV.
Assuming your boyfriend already has the noise canceling headphones, adding to his music collection is a way to demonstrate that you really get him. This album shows that you recognize his taste is impeccable, but not altogether overly serious. Get it on vinyl if you can and if you’re feeling generous, throw in a Brian Eno record for good measure.

5. Pressed cotton notebook.
Oh, is that a Moleskin? That’s cute. Every hipster worth his salt carries around a little leather bound notebook, but is that brand loyalty just the result of icon status and a love for Hemingway or is the product really pleasing him? Be sure your selection is easily portable and contains light blue pin graph paper — college rule is for sheep.