The Holiday Party Sobriety App

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Need to avoid drunk tweeting or Facebooking after your company holiday party? There’s obviously an app for that. Webroot has just released The Holiday Party Sobriety App for Facebook and Android, and it will make damn sure you’re sober before giving you the “all clear” to use social media.

The free app puts you through three exercises to determine your sobriety, which are chosen at random whenever you open the app.

When I tested it out, stone-cold sober, in my office, it made me do a motor skills test (which I failed), a color coherency test (which I, completely inexplicably, also failed) and a balance test (passed with flying colors). I think this means that I’m sober, but dumb? Either way, the app did not declare me suited for social media updates of any type.


Perhaps I should take the rest of the day off, to “sober up”?

But seriously folks, please tweet safely over the holidays. If you are anything less than sober or at the top of your game, avoid blasting your incoherent thoughts to every ex, current, and potential date. Let’s start the new year on a more salubrious note, yes?

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