Really, You Don’t Have Anything to Wear? Really? Are You Sure? This App Says Otherwise.

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I have a closet full of apparel, and, believe it or not, am able to successfully clothe myself every single day, 365 days a year.

And yet, when it comes down to choosing an outfit for a date, all I see when I open my closet is hanger after hanger of nothing I could possibly ever leave the house in, least of all on a date.

It’s called “I’ve Got Nothing To We-arrrr…” Syndrome (pronounced in your whiniest voice) and I’ve got it bad. My pre-date ritual inevitably includes awkward shots of outfit possibilities taken with PhotoBooth (by placing my Mac on my kitchen counter and running to the other side of the room before the timer goes off and the photo snaps), sent to my friends, desperate for their opinions. (Seriously! You should see my PhotoBooth files. All headless outfits.)

Every once in a while I’ll wear a great outfit to work or a party and think, “Hey! I should wear this on a date!” Unfortunately, I never remember this outfit once date time actually comes along.

Enter Cloth, the iPhone/iPod touch app that fantastically mimics the computerized closet Cher Horowitz has in Clueless, the one that lets her scroll through pictures of herself in various outfits in order to select what to wear. (Can you believe that movie came out in 1995 and it’s taken this long for someone to actually produce this product?)

The website lets you snap pictures of yourself in different outfits and catalogue them. That way, the next time you have a date and need to decide what to wear, you can scroll through an endless array of outfit combinations (instead of trying things on a billion and one times). It basically serves as a visual memory jog that, yes, you do have outfits you actually like in your closet.

Deciding which outfit to wear might still be a little tricky — but at least this app will spare you the mountain of clothes on your bedroom floor by the time you’re done choosing!

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