7 Fun Things to Do on New Year’s Eve, Even If You’re Flying Solo

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It’s the dreaded holiday for many unattached this time of year. When New Year’s Eve rolls around, you can’t help but freak if you’re flying solo. Haven’t been seeing anyone special enough to spend the special holiday with? Not to worry, it’s not going to break your night. We suggest you do it up this New Year’s — who cares if you’re solo! Fresh out of “single” ideas? Consider these fun things to do on New Year’s Eve even if you’re minus a significant other.

Throw a Party
Don’t have a date for any of the parties you’ve bee n invited to? Duh, throw your own! If you’re the host, you’ll be too busy keeping your guests occupied that no one will even notice you’re dateless, including you! Don’t have much of a budget? Make it a potluck/BYOB situation — all of your fabulous buds will be thankful you are throwing something. Believe it or not, many people — singles and couples alike — have no idea what to do. Provide them with a great option.

Enact a Single’s Night Out
If you have a bunch of friends who are on the same boat as you (i.e. living single), gather the troops and go out for the ultimate night of shenanigans. I don’t know about you, but the last time my single friends and I had a night out like that on a New Year’s Eve, it was the most fun we ever had. From random hookups to endless hours of dancing, it was a night to remember. When you’re all coupled up, you’ll look back fondly — really!

Have a Movie Marathon
Stack up the movies that make you feel the warm fuzzies so you can look to the exciting year ahead. “Love Actually,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Serendipity,” “Amelie” and “Say Anything” come to mind. You might not have a lover by your side when the ball drops, but you can certainly dream, can’t you? If you don’t feel particularly lovey-dovey, just break out the “Lost” DVD collection and watch your favorite season from start to finish.

Spend Time with the Fam
Playing Scrabble and Monopoly with mom, dad and your siblings is underrated. Don’t lie, you know it’s fun. If you don’t have a date this New Year’s or super-party plans, just pay a visit to your family. They’ll appreciate the visit and so will you! Just think of waking up to mom’s homecooked breakfast and you’ll be sold.

Create an At-Home Spa
Had a long, rough year? Create an at-home spa for yourself. All you need is bubble bath, aromatherapy oils, some Enya on your iPod and the right mindset. Meditate to wash your 2011 worries away. Welcome 2012 with a super-spiritual you with a clear head. It will make for a great new year!

Travel Solo
This is a scary option, we know, but people do it all the time. Traveling on New Year’s is not so strange, especially if you’re going to an awesome destination like Thailand or Spain. If you’re in foreign territory, it will only encourage you to make friends along the way or when you get there. After all, you’ve got nothing to lose. There will be parties everywhere, too, so you’re in good company!

Do Absolutely Nothing
Even though it is New Year’s Eve, keep in mind, it’s really just any other day. The day after, those who partied will wake up hung over and tired. If you don’t have a date or plans for that matter, no worries — it’s no big deal. Do as you normally do — cook yourself dinner, watch some TV, go to bed early, and wake up to a new day. Make the night all about you and your typical routine, and you’ll be onto 2012 in no time. Just enjoy!