How to Look Hot in Pictures

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On HowAboutWe, the most important part of your profile, the thing that’s going to catch a future date’s eye, is your date idea. (That’s what makes us awesome!)

But let’s be real: your picture matters. A lot. You want to look smokin’ when he or she clicks through your pics. And you want to look phenomenal when he or she goes one step further and Facebooks you.

The only thing to do is to use Instagram and crop out 3/4 of your body. No, no, we kid! Refinery29 has put together a slideshow chock full of actually helpful advice on how to look your best in 2-D.

For instance:

  • Areas with soft (shaded, cloudy, morning-or-evening) light always make for beautiful photos. If you’re taking a close-up, having a light source behind you will cast a halo around your face.
  • “If you want to avoid that ‘senior photo’ look, the best thing you can do is to use an activity as an opportunity to take a new profile picture.”
  • Removing red eye, auto-adjusting levels, and upping the contrast are all really easy tricks you can do to make your images really shine. If you don’t have Photoshop, this free service, Photoscape, has all the basics you need.

Read more helpful tips from them here.