Is a First Date on Valentine’s Day the Worst Idea Ever, or Best Idea Ever?

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Guess what’s just around the corner? Martin Luther King Day! And then, yes, Valentine’s Day.

V-Day is obviously not amazing if you’re single, but here’s some food for thought: would you ever consider going on a first date on Valentine’s Day?

I actually think it’s sort of a cool idea. If you’re casually dating someone, then a date on Valentine’s Day is usually something to be avoided — there is way too much pressure associated with February 14th.

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But if you’ve never even gone on a date with this person before, it might be hilarious to just embrace the awkwardness and make the cheesiest plans you can imagine. (For instance, did you know that White Castle takes reservations on Valentine’s Day?) If I had a date on Valentine’s Day, I’d definitely bring him like, a huge doily Valentine or something equally embarrassing.

It might make a good story, and at the very least, you won’t be spending the night at home watching Downton Abbey on Hulu.

What do you guys think? Would you do it?