23 Reasons to Date a Southerner

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Yesterday we discussed 23 reasons to date a Midwesterner, but to be fair, there are some amazing people to date in other places, too. Like the South.

1. We have good manners.

2. Our accents are cute.

3. We totally understand the importance of family and holiday traditions.

4. Grits are delicious.

5. You’ll melt the first time somebody calls you darlin.

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6. Savannah, Charleston, Asheville: just think of the romantic weekends at B&Bs.

7. Our tea is cool and sweet. Work the metaphor here.

8. We’re good with animals.

9. Our uncle’s moonshine is surprisingly good.

10. We can make conversation with anyone, from the mailman to your antisocial cousin.

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11. We can dance. Sometimes in a square.

12. If it’s a date, we call it a date. No “hanging out.”

13. Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner, Harper Lee: it’s a proud literary tradition.

14. We’re not spoiled by urban life.

15. “Beau” is so much sexier than “boyfriend.”

16. We’re great planners. (Have you ever been to a debutante’s wedding? Honey.)

17. We’re good at fixing things.

18. Our families like you immediately.

19. Seersucker is an art form.

20. Hating Duke is what brings people together.

21. Everything tastes better fried.

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22. We always bring a hostess gift.

23. We know you can’t buy love at Wal-Mart.

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