Peacocking Tip: Super Awesome iPhone Cases

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We’re not huge fans of pick-up artists here at HowAboutWe, but there’s one technique they use that we’re not opposed to: “Peacocking.”

peacocking [pee-kok-ing]  pea·cock·ing   verb
Attracting attention in an appropriate manner for both individuals (the one(s) you are trying to attract and yourself) as well as for the venue (i.e. a coffee shop vs. a bar) using props and accessories in a way that mirrors who you are — but amped up in order to stand out from the crowd.

Ex: When his peacocking got out of control and he started literally bench pressing his date at the bar, Jordan blew his chances at getting a second date.

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Peacocking isn’t about being outlandish and crazy or lying about who you are, it’s about playing your cards right and putting yourself in a situation that makes you open and approachable. (Our “little dating tip that works for everyone” — aka wear red — could be considered a form of peacocking.)

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Another example: We love these super-realistic iPhone cases, because they’re awesome. And if you’re at the bar alone with one of these on the table top, you probably won’t be alone for long — it’s a great conversation piece. Especially the bacon one. Who doesn’t love bacon? (Well, aside from vegetarians.)

It’s also a sneaky way to get his/her number:

“Hey, since you’re holding my phone, anyway, why don’t you put your number in it?”

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