The Flirtiest Video Game For a First Date

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If your first date is going really well, and you want to make a little bit of physical contact, a little pre-foreplay foreplay, what do you do? Without being awkward or creepy? Holding hands seems a tad premature, and even brushing lint off your date’s shoulder could throw your date off.

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If you have an iPad, you might be in luck. Fingle, a two-player iPad game, lets you get flirty and up-close with your date without being awkward.

From the site:

Fingle is a cooperative two-player iPad game about the thrills of touching each other on a multi-touch device. Two players drag up to five buttons of one color onto their matching targets; their movement makes it impossible to avoid contact, creating intimate moments with intertwined hands.

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Whipping out your Fingle will let you accidentally play finger twister with your date, giving you a common goal of winning the game. Who knows where the date will go from here.