What Not to Get Your Single Girl Friends for Valentine’s Day

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1) A Nicholas Spark book or movie. Even if she loves Nicholas Sparks, Love Day isn’t the best time to be reading about impossibly unrealistic and perfect love stories. When it seems the whole world is reeking of “I love you”s, she’s probably had enough.

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2) A card or note that whines about how annoying boyfriends are. Yeah, we know. They leave the toilet seat up and sometimes aren’t listening, but she might still want one. No yuk-yuking and elbow-nudging, “You’re so lucky you don’t have one!” is going to change that.

3) Cat food. Oh, haha, we get it. Because she’s single. You’re such a comedian. Trust us — she’s not going to laugh.

4) Jewelry of any kind. It’s not like boyfriends have a lock on the jewelry-buying market, but still. Hits a little too close to “I’m sorry you don’t have a boyfriend, so I’m trying to be a surrogate” territory.

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5) An invitation to spend Valentine’s Day with you and your betrothed. No matter how single you are, the only time it really gets uncomfortable is that time you find yourself being the third wheel. And third wheeling on Valentine’s Day? That’s the worst.

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Courtney is one of the last single girls in the Bible Belt. She blogs about it here, and you can follow her on twitter here.