Man To Man: 10 Things Guys Should Never Wear On Dates

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When I first started dating, I really wish someone had taken me aside and told me “Don’t ever ever wear this around a woman. Ever.” It’s taken a lot of subtle and not-so-subtle ex-girlfriends to get me to the point where I can dress myself for a date. To spare you from the same decade-long fate, here are ten things experience has taught me to never wear on a first date.

1. Running shoes

This was news to me when I graduated college, but women hate seeing running shoes on a date. (And I mean running shoes, like, ones you’d actually wear to the gym.)



2. A tucked-in polo shirt.

I’ve just found that it’s best to not wear outfits that might subtly remind her of her Dad.




3. Man Jewelry

Dude: Don’t wear jewelry on a date. And don’t tell me you can pull it off. If you’re reading this list for guidance, you can’t pull it off. Just trust me on this.



4. A tie
Unless you’re going somewhere formal, or coming from work, don’t wear a tie. It’ll just look like you’re trying way too hard.




5. Capri Pants
Come on. Why the hell are these even in your closet?

6. A short sleeve button-down shirt

You know who pulls off the short-sleeve button-down look? Dwight Schrute. You know who else does? No one.
7. Obvious hair gel

A little, subtle product in your hair won’t hurt, but any more than that and you’re either sleazy, or Jersey Shore, or both.

8. A Baseball cap

Sad but true fact: The Red Sox won’t get you laid. Unless you play for them. Leave the hat at home.
9. Axe Body Gel

Because chicks can smell “Maybe this will get me laid.”

10. Flip Flops or Sandals

Here’s the thing: Women don’t like feet. Hide ’em as long as you can.