10 Best YouTube Marriage Proposals

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Here’s the thing about YouTube marriage proposal videos: I always recoil at the idea and then inevitably tear up watching them. I HATE the idea of an elaborate, showy proposal, and yet, here are ten insane, crazy ones that have managed to win me over.

I’m not sure I’d react well to any of these proposals, but seeing the girls who do flip out over them makes them actually pretty sweet.

1. The Muppet Marriage Proposal
Do you like muppets? Not as much as this guy! He custom made two puppets to look like himself and his girlfriend, and made a sweet video recreating moments in their relationship. The muppet pops the question at the end…

2. Madison Square Park Circus Proposal
Skip ahead one minute into this video for the most elaborate, circus meets musical theater meets Love Actually proposal ever.

3. Movie Theater Proposal
This guy planned his proposal 9 months in advance by hiring a production company to make a biographical movie about his relationship with his girlfriend. Then, he rented out a movie theater, filled it with friends and family, and took the girlfriend to see it, making sure they got there late so the theater was dark when they snuck in. (Full disclosure: I thought this one was stupid when I read the description and then I watched it and got chills. Damnit.)

4. Video Game Proposal
This guy BUILT a video game to propose to his fiancee. (You can actually play it, here!)

5. Disneyland Musical Proposal
Real or fake, real or fake? Hard to tell, but at the very least it was a magical moment for the people walking by.

6. Operation “Happily Ever After”
This happy couple worked at a summer camp together. Skip ahead to minute six to watch the actual proposal: gotta love the hundreds of screaming Middle Schoolers adding to the excitement. It’s really freaking cute.

7. Old Spice Guy Proposal
Seems impersonal, but as we’re such big fans of The Old Spice Guy, we’re fans of this one.

8. The Proposal In A Box
This guy enlisted his buddies, and, uh, a big box to pop the question. This one is funny cause the whole set-up is so weird…he makes his girlfriend deal with this contraption to lift the box under which he’s holding a ring, and then, while she says yes, her reaction seems so…lackluster. See for yourselves:

9. The Weather Channel Proposal
This one is especially sweet because it’s an older couple, though the weather woman seems a bit flustered that her boyfriend has interrupted her report.

10. Nerdfighters Proposal
The is the nerdiest, worst way to propose that I’ve ever heard of. And I still sort of teared up. Good lord.

Originally Published December 2010