5 Good Reasons to Date a Cancer (And Other Astrological Signs)

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The Frisky has a cool post up today on 5 good reasons to date each astrological sign. Apparently, the reasons to date a cancer (I am a cancer!) include the following:

1. Cancers are naturally giving people, so they will always make sure you are taken care of. (Okay…sure! I do that!)

2. They understand deep emotions and they are not afraid to show their feelings. (Yes. I feel you. I emote.)

3. One of their favorite pastimes is snuggling at home with the person they love. (I would really never call that a “pastime”.)

4. Cancers want sex to be passionate, fulfilling, and meaningful. (Okay, but who wants sex to be dispassionate?)

5. They invest a lot of time and energy into making their homes comfortable and welcoming, so you will always want to stay over. (Well, I prefer staying at my place to anyone else’s, that’s true.)

Want to know the perks of dating you, based on your astrological sign? Read The Frisky’s list. Then copy and paste your decription directly onto your HowAboutWe profile. (No, we don’t actually recommend doing that.)