5 Places Better for Public Sex Than a Port-a-Potty at Coachella

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This week, it seems like every single celebrity is hanging out at the Coachella music festival in California. Emma Watson made out with some dude, Rihanna wore a denim bikini and held hands with Katy Perry, and Gerard Butler had sex with some chick in a portable toilet. Wait, what?

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According to Page Six, Butler met a pretty lady at Coachella and spent the night chatting her up. Later, the two disappeared to a Port-a-Potty and maybe hooked up. While we’re not judging this anonymous lady for wanting to hook up with a hot celebrity she just met, we do think she could have found a better place to do so than in a public toilet. Here are a few suggestions, should you want to have some outdoor summer-concert sex of your own:

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  1. An indoor toilet. You know, one that maybe got cleaned recently. Or ever.
  2. A car. There’s something delightfully retro about getting it on in the backseat of a car. Plus, you can use the car to drive to a place that has indoor plumbing.
  3. In the ocean. Or any nearby body of water. Ever seen the scene in that movie A Walk on the Moon where Diane Lane and Viggo Mortenson get hot and heavy in a waterfall? You get the idea.
  4. On (or under) a blanket. At music festivals, it’s common to bring some blankets and set up a little area where you can sit and hang out. Since you already have those blankets, you might as well get creative.
  5. In a tent. If you already have sleeping bags and are planning to camp out, having sex under the stars is just the icing on the awesome cake.

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