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First dates can be scary. Not many things in life can be as terrifying and incredibly exciting at the same time. Since it’s easy to focus on the fear and anxiety that comes with meeting someone for the first time, we want to reiterate what we LOVE about first dates to get you excited.

1. The day leading up to that night.

From the minute you wake up on the morning of a date, until the minute you’re getting ready to meet them, it’s a whirlwind of emotions. You wake up nervous, you might slightly calm down by mid-morning, start to get nervous again around lunch, and then try to keep yourself busy by overthinking outfit options with friends for the rest of the afternoon. Depending on how excited you are about the particular person you’re meeting that night, the day either goes by incredibly slow or way too fast. It’s a roller coaster, but one we want to ride again and again!


2. Selecting an outfit.

I think we can all agree that everyone goes through the anxiety of figuring out what to wear on a first date. Some people play it smart, having a go-to first date look, others like to mix it up. Skirt or dress? Pants or shorts? Button-up or t-shirt? Heels or flats? All of it matters and all of it’s noticed. Make sure you’re comfortable in whatever look you choose, because you don’t want to be worried about adjusting your clothes while trying to have a great conversation.


3. The moment right before you meet.

Oh, the anxiety! A sudden rush of adrenaline. The dreaded walk up to the restaurant or, if they’re picking you up, the answering of the front door. It’s one of the most anticipated, awkward moments in life, and no matter how many first dates you’ve been on, it’s always nerve-racking.


4. First date mannerisms.

Does he order for you? Does she like the same kind of food or drink as I do? How does he chew his food? What’s her interaction with others around us? Does he talk too much, does she let you talk enough? There are so many things to look for on a first date; so many things to pick up on all while trying to stay in the moment and be excited. The best is if you continue seeing each other after the first date and are able to look back on how awkward or different things were on that first encounter!


5. The good night _____?

Will it end in a kiss? A hug? A handshake?! Most people know about half-way through a first date how they’re going to want to end the night in regards to displays of affection. Sometimes you know they’re not getting more than a friendly hug, other times, you want nothing more than to kiss them goodnight!


This post was originally published on the Match Media Blog.