Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: Using A Coupon On A Date

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Cool news: We were in Groupon yesterday! So naturally, we spent a lot of the day thinking about coupons. Namely: is it ok to use one on a first date?

It’s sort of a weird thing: we’re all for cheap dates, and are totally on board with dates that cost nothing at all (snowball fight in the park, free concert, museum, etc.) But to be perfectly honest, a coupon on a date feels a little bit weird. Why?

The important thing to remember, when dating either extravagantly or cheaply, is that no matter the cost of the date, it shouldn’t feel like the activity is at all dictated by money. This is where coupons get tricky–you don’t want to feel like you’re on a date at a particular restaurant/place BECAUSE one of you has a coupon. And you REALLY don’t want a coupon to dictate what you or your date can order (if, for instance, only certain things are discounted or the coupon can only be applied in combination with a particular item).

In those cases, it’s not so much that coupons make you look cheap–it’s that they make you look rigid.

There are, however, instances when coupon-use is totally cool: A deal on Groupon or Living Social for some reason has none of the stigma of a deal carefully clipped from the Penny Saver. Maybe because these digital forms have a younger (cooler) demographic, and you don’t quite feel like you’re out with your Grandparents while using them.

General discounts seem to be in a completely different category altogether. If someone can get a discount because they’re a student or member of any organization that gets special prices, they should certainly take advantage. I think most daters would think it was cool to get a 10% discount at MoMA, and weird to just not use it for fear of looking cheap.

What do you guys think? Are coupons OK on a date?