Your Friends Know Why You’re Single. Do You?

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Yesterday, The Hairpin posted about “things.” “Your Thing” is that behavior, habit or neurosis that you have that all your friends see but you don’t. Often “your thing” is the reason you’re single, or unlucky in love. Maybe you have no idea what your thing is but, maybe deep down, you wouldn’t really be that surprised.

The Hairpin’s example was “Stop messing with your hair and get a boyfriend with a job.”

Some other examples of “things”:

  • “Stop wearing those way too short skirts and dresses, they aren’t flattering on you.”
  • “You need to relax when you meet people, and not constantly make awkward jokes.”
  • “You need to shave your beard.”
  • “Stop dating girls who are way dumber and less interesting than you are.”
  • “You wear WAY too much cologne.”

I want to know what my thing is, and I also don’t. I’m afraid that my thing will hurt my feelings (maybe “too sensitive” is my thing?), that I’ll recognize it immediately, that I’ll get defensive. (I have a feeling it has something to do with being super anxious and high strung, or maybe its that I push people away, or maybe it’s a billion other things…)

On the other hand, if my friends really do hold the key to my happiness, if they KNOW what I need to do to become a better person, and more likeable, then I want to know. Conversely, I think it would be hard for me to tell my friends their things.

The Hairpin advises to “play with someone you trust.” You don’t have to tell me twice! I can think of two people in the entire world I would trust to break my “thing” to me gently.

Do you know what “your thing” is? Would you want to know?

[What’s Your Thing?]