10 Things That Should Always Be In Your Purse On A Date

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Sometimes I feel bad for guys, because they don’t get to carry bags containing their vital possessions at all times. They’re limited to pockets and wallets, whereas women get to make full use of the Boy Scout motto, “Always Be Prepared!”

Are you always well and truly prepared for anything when you go on a date? Make sure you stuff your purse with these ten things.

1. Tissues
ESPECIALLY if you live on the East Coast, where a walk outdoors may at any given moment turn your nose into a faucet. Sorry to be gross, but seriously: Sniffling does not make for a good first impression.

2. The Very Basic Things You Personally Feel You Need To Look Pretty
Personally, I am totally against reapplying makeup. You want to look nice when the date first starts, but also you are a real person and not some constantly made-up doll, and also you should be applying makeup so that it lasts the whole evening, and also, too much makeup never looks good on anyone.

But! Say you get hit by a bus on the way to the date. And therefore need to reapply. Pick TWO essential items to carry with you. For me, these essentials are mascara and concealer. For you, maybe it’s lip gloss and mattifier, or eyeliner and blush. For Mary Poppins, it was that blush thing that looked like coal. Whatever works.

3. Deodorant
Hopefully you won’t need to use it but oh my god if you need to you will be SO happy you brought it along, so you’re not, like, trying to wash with paper towels in the bathroom.

4. Condoms
It doesn’t mean you have to use one! (I mean. If you have sex you have to use one.) But you don’t have to have sex, obviously! (And if you don’t, you can lend one to a friend?)

5. Mints
So you can have fresh breath, but more importantly, so you can subtly offer one to your date.

6. Meds
Allergy medicine, birth control, and any other type of medicine that you should have with you in case you stay out too late. (Allergy meds are especially important for sleepovers, because some people have cats.)

7. Cash, and then some extra Cash
Not to sound like your Dad (he called me while I was writing this article, he’s concerned about you) but you should always have a spare $20 hidden in some secret compartment of your wallet. Also, don’t expect the guy to pay! Bring enough cash to cover your share (or to offer and leave the tip).

8. Chapstick
It is important to have well moisturized lips that are protected from the elements, and not just because you might be using them later on in the evening, but because chapped lips are kind of unsightly, you know?

9. Phone Charger
Because there is nothing worse than running late, or not being able to find the restaurant, and having your PHONE DIE.

10. A Book
You don’t leave home without a book, do you? What about when you’re bored on the subway going home? What about if you stay over and he falls asleep and you can’t? What if he gets food poisoning and you have to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped and you have to wait forever in the emergency room? A book.

Anything you’d add that we missed? Tell us in the comments!